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Support Monroe

eScrip: Shop & Earn Money for Monroe

This is the easiest way to help raise money for Monroe. You register credit cards, debit cards and merchant club cards – like your Safeway Club Card – and every time you shop, the merchant donates a percentage of your purchase to Monroe. Buy groceries, book a cruise or dine out to make a difference for Monroe. After you’ve signed up, earning is easy – just shop at thousands of eScrip merchants, grocers and drug stores in your town. (hyperlink included).

Merchants include: Little Big Burger, The Cannery and Market of Choice

Please encourage friends, neighbors and relatives to support Monroe. You can sign up your grandparents, relatives, friends, and neighbors to support Monroe Middle School through our eScrip program. Relatives do not need to live in Eugene or even Oregon to be earning money for Monroe.

Signing up is easy & fast:

Sign up or renew your cards.

  1. Click here on eScrip 
  2. Identify Monroe Middle School – ID #8564860 – as the recipient of the merchant’s donation.
  3. Register the numbers of your most used debit, credit / Safeway Club cards.
  4. Use those same debit, credit and club cards to make your usual purchases at participating stores.
  5. For shopping online: If you’re registered with eScrip and use the eScrip Link  every time you

shop online, you can earn money for Monroe.

Become a Good User of eScrip! Remember your password and get onto eScrip at least twice a year to review and update your file. There are many benefits to this: you can keep track of your grocery spending or follow how much money is going to Monroe. You can get better at working with this program and making all your online purchases through the online mall.

Each year, Safeway will require you to renew your Safeway Club Card at eScrip. To retain your password, got to eScrip, then My eScrip, then Forgot my Password. Your password will be emailed to you.

Already Registered?

Choose up to three organizations to support with your eScrip membership.