Sheldon Information for 8th Grade Families

Dear Parents of 8th graders heading to Sheldon- 

It’s 2024 and your 8th graders are a few months away from celebrating their 8th grade departure and planning for high school. 

To help you plan, we are sharing some initial information about forecasting. 

There will be lots more to come and all of this will generate questions, but here is a basic introduction. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Carrie Tilson (school counselor / 8th grade transitions) at Monroe at 541-790-6372 or by email at


                       Sheldon Forecasting Information                                     

Much time is taken to make certain the decisions made during the forecasting period are in the best academic interest of the student.  Students are urged to choose their course selection carefully and thoughtfully, and to seek assistance as needed. Students select their high school courses for the next school year in the spring with the help of their counselors, advisory teachers, and parents/guardians.  Students must have a parent/guardian signature indicating the approval of the planned classes.   

Once the forecasting form is processed with the student, advisory teacher, and parent, the requested courses are submitted to a scheduling assistant (or counselor) to finalize the student requests and to be entered into the school’s Synergy scheduling system.  Once a final tally of individual class requests have been calculated, a decision is made on how many sections of a specific course will be necessary to meet the needs of our student requests.  Keep in mind that key decisions will likely be made in the spring based upon the forecasting requests and the availability of the class.  Once the student requests are finalized at the end of the school year, few changes will be permitted because a series of individual changes has the potential to negate the prior work. Students and parents should NOT forecast for courses with the idea the request can be changed. The following are key points in the forecasting process: 


Incoming 9th Grade Students: 

Counselors will provide students with forecasting materials at the time the counselors visit the feeder middle schools during the Spring term at Cal Young, Monroe, and Coburg Charter.  

Incoming 9th graders will be forecasted for core courses such as 9th grade level Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Humanities, Health & Science.  Higher level math and science will be adjusted based on 8th grade teacher recommendations, test scores and/or a combination of the two.

All 9th grade students should receive a full schedule for each semester, unless extenuating circumstances arise that are pre-approved (athletics and extra curricular activities are not an extenuating circumstance). 

All classes taken at a 4J high school shall receive high school credit and shall be recorded on the high school transcript. 

Students enrolling from outside the Sheldon attendance area will need to contact the Sheldon office upon approval from 4J District Office.  New families will then need to attend a new student orientation prior to school starting or schedule an appointment with their student’s counselor once school starts. 

Sports Eligibility: Students MUST be on track for graduation, enroll and pass at least 2.5 credits (usually 5 out of 8 classes) per semester during the season of the sport, and must have earned 2.5 credits from the semester prior to the beginning of the sport season. 


 School Choice IMPORTANT DATES for the 2024-2025 School Year:
January 1……Online application period for 4J School Choice Lottery opens for in-district students
January 31…..Deadline to submit in-district 4J School Choice Lottery Applications
March 1………Online application period for 4J School Choice Lottery opens for out-of-district students
March 31……..Deadline to submit out-of-district 4J School Choice Lottery Applications


Stay tuned for more information…. 

To Be Determined – AVID Applications Due

To Be Determined – Sheldon HS-2024-25  Band Information

 To Be Determined – IHS Program / School Choice Programs will notify Parents of Acceptance

To Be Determined – 2024-2025  Sheldon courses should be available for view online 

To Be Determined –  Monroe Middle School Parent Night

To Be Determined – Monroe 8th Graders Meet with SHS Staff to Forecast their schedules.   

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